Selling Strategy

At Always Progressive Living, our mission goes beyond simply listing homes; it's about supporting you by optimizing your property's value in the market. Our purpose is firmly grounded in the creation of opportunities that will endure for generations. We place great emphasis on cultivating meaningful relationships with you, understanding your aspirations, and wholeheartedly committing to your success throughout every step of your selling journey.

Presentation Matters!

The first showing of your home takes place online, and we know that presentation is key. To ensure a successful first impression, we meticulously prepare your property.



We make it easy for staging by decluttering your personal items. For vacant or partially furnished homes, we offer staging services, including furniture, wall decor, art, neutral bedding, and accent furniture.

Professional Cleaning

We add an extra shine to your home with professional cleaning, and even carpet cleaning if needed… this is included with our full comprehensive listing package


Our pricing strategy is grounded in extensive research. We don't just decide on a price on the day we meet you; we continuously research and adapt to the market. An educated client is a powerful client, and we empower you with options based on our research and professional knowledge.

Staging Before & Afters

Timing the Sale Process

We understand that timing is crucial. Based on our research and your unique situation and goals, we determine the best time to list your home. We keep a close eye on the neighborhood market to ensure your listing stands out, and we consider the season to adjust our strategy accordingly. Timing is everything, and we ensure it's on your side.

Negotiations & Strategy!

Negotiation & strategy

are often overlooked, but not with us.

Comprehensive Planning

When we leave your home, we leave you with a plan, outlining your next steps.

Strategic Thinking

Our strategies encompass pricing, inspection, and timelines, whether for closing or allowing you additional time to find your next home.

Starting Strong

Proper negotiation starts from day one. We understand the importance of those initial calls, gathering critical information, and the potential impact of every interested party. It's a process we approach with precision.

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